About Us

Welcome to Evobuzz Solutions CC, where our number one priority is to put a smile on your face. We are dedicated to provide you with top quality solutions that will help you overcome your business problems.

Evobuzz Solutions CC has walked a long road since the vision/dream of "not working for a boss" started while having a braai. For months we only talked about this until we decided to make this vision/dream a reality.

In 2010, Evobuzz Solutions CC was started by Pieter and William. With very similar backgrounds, raised with similar values and believes, we decided that whatever we do, we would always make sure that we deliver top quality solutions that we are proud of. We love to help out wherever and whenever we can and that is why we want to help as many small to medium sized businesses move forward by providing them with TOP QUALITY, COST EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS to help them compete with the "bigger fish" out there.

With our values, awesome personalities, University IT qualifications and combined experience in Finance, Logistics and Tourism, WE ARE THE TEAM THAT YOU NEED.